Friday, October 15, 2010

friday favouite: olive manna

Hi everyone!

It's friday again- this week flew by- and today's favourite is... olivemanna!

I have been wanting to feature this shop for awhile now, but had to wait because I bought my sister's birthday gift here and couldn't post it, or she'd figure it out (Jenny was the one who deduced that Santa wasn't real from a toys r us receipt in my mom's purse featuring hungry, hungry hippos. When we got hungry hungry hippos 'from santa,' jenny put two and two together. And then informed me, who was ignorantly blissful with the discrepancy. shoot.).

Olivemanna is the store full of cute stuff you didn't know you needed. But you DO need adorable handmade twine and little cardboard packaging. Hey, Christmas is right around the corner! Olivemanna is the etsy store of natalie jost, who also has a blog, and a non-etsy store of the same name. Here's what she has to say about her shop: "I am a professional designer of all things visual and textile, from websites to fabric, or packaging to dinnerware. It's all about balancing what makes life easier for you with innovative design that removes chaos, and what makes the stuff around you worth looking at every day with rich and dynamic color schemes." 

I have to say, as the wife of a graphic designer, I really appreciate the 'clean' look of her website. Her products are pretty awesome, too! Go check it out!

Can we all guess which one of these went to Jenny?

I have a sicky husband in bed right now, so I'm off to get one of those rotisserie chickens- they make the most amazing chicken soup- and lasagna noodles for veggie lasagna. I know it sounds bad, but I love it when Spencer is sick, it's the only time he lets me drug him, and we all know how I like to watch him sleep;) Tomorrow night, I will be going (probably sans husband) to an awesome free concert where my dear little friend Morgan is opening! This could be the beginning of an amazing music career- and I can say I homeschooled her! 

What are your plans for the weekend? 

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