Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A few weeks ago,  I went on a now biannual play date with Kristiana. One of our stops was this amazing little children's bookstore in downtown Redlands. It is the kind of place that would be magical when you were a kid, the kind of place that you would associate with warm, fuzzy feelings, like Grandma's house at Christmas or a favourite tree that you always climbed. I had that tree, and boy, did I climb it. I always thought that living in a tree was the ideal situation. I also never wore shoes at that point and didn't cook my own meals. Doing dishes in a tree would be less than ideal. But that is the magic of childhood- running so fast that the practicality of life's reality's can't keep up. I remember being distinctly heartbroken when I realized neverland did not exist. I have to say though, for one who hated the idea of becoming a grown-up so much, I really do love my life now and wouldn't go back at all. I think gratitude is a choice, one that is easier to make the older you get. And you can still dream. Boy, do I dream. One of my dreams is to be a children's author. The trip to the magical bookstore brought this up and now kita and I are going to make each other write our books so what lives in our head can be out in the world. That is the magical part of growing up.

twinkle lights

after the bookstore was the two hour conversation here 

and the photoshoot here

wish i had a photo uploaded of when we met- 9 years ago!

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