Friday, October 8, 2010

friday favourite: mquin

Today's friday favourite is MQuin. Milka is the lovely and talented lady behind MQuin. She is based in Manila, Philippines and does everything in her etsy shop on her own! You can follow her artistic processes on her blog or go visit her etsy shop

I love her intriguing designs, almost like artwork that you can wear. 

I'm also excited to choose her because she is from the Philippines and I am happy to announce something I've been working on for some time...

From now on, 10% of all your orders on my shop will be going to support my friend Pami, a registered nurse who grew up in the Philippines and is now taking her career training back to minister to women in a birthing home run by a 78 year old midwife! It has been my desire for awhile to have some of my profits from this shop go to charity that is directly related to women in foreign countries. 
I am so excited at this venture- to be able to "see" the impact of my own endeavors in running a business go to help other women in the world be self-sufficient and pursue their dreams. 
If you want to read about Pami's journey, visit her blog
If you would like to donate to other women working on their own, World Vision's microloan program is great! You can choose someone by country or job type and you get updates on their progress. 

We've had week of clouds, cool weather and even some rain. This weekend, I'm going to bask in the  many blessings that have been showered down on me lately. What are your plans?

happy friday, everbody!

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