Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Satisfaction

me in my "reading is sexy" shirt in college

I love Saturdays. The ones where nothing is going on, which means I love about one Saturday a month. How I relish these mornings where breakfast is stretched out to brunch, the coffee is plentiful and the reading material/youtube video watching takes over the living room.

During the summer, Spencer and I had weekly breakfast meetings to make sure we were on track for his album release. I am pretty proud of what he accomplished, and that the potential stress of a huge project brought us closer together, with only one terribly stressful night (which happened to coincide with my birthday). That said, since the album is out, we now spend our Saturdays reading. Another thing I am grateful for is a husband with common interests; we are both pretty nerdy about our respective subjects (him, all things music and design, me, food, cooking, wine, blogs, literature). Despite the fact that we have still not finished reading Moby Dick, we do spend a good deal of our free time voraciously devouring the written word.

spencer playing a violin (2 screwdrivers)

We both also have blogs. Obviously, you know this about me. In case you didn't know, Spencer has a blog about music- not his music, but the history of rock n roll. He likes to do things all the way, and so up until now, his e-publishing harkens back to when Dickens came out serially. I keep trying to get him to bite off less, and blog more frequently (which I am not a model of at the moment). So, here is today's post. Complete with plenty of pictures and witty remarks. I am hoping one day he will publish a real book, and together with my children's books royalties, we can retire to a cabin in the Tennessee mountains, with our oversized grey cat, Tolstoy, and our Huskie, whose predetermined name I have momentarily forgotten.

Now I am off to said stack of books. I'm trying to finish a few more before the end of the year (as well as start Team of Rivals, and cram in Little Women, which for some reason is a Christmas movie to me).


  1. Moby Dick is a bit over-rated in my opinion.
    I love piles of books waiting to be read but this one doesn't need to be in any pile. Unless you're an English major, in which case, it's some crappy sort of rite-of-passage.

  2. which I was. and we are about halfway through and just meeting the whale himself, so now it's like a 'you won't defeat me, book!' thing (ironic considering the book, i know)