Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday Favourite & Giveaway Winner

Today I am at my parents, visiting with Jenny who just arrived last night for 3 weeks! 

I decided to do my blog post and Jenny said "the 12 days of christmas!"

So, here it is: my take on all those odd gifts (which are apparently a catholic catechism with veiled meanings.... going to research that one)


partridge in a pear tree pillow by elsabeta

lidded jar with turtledoves by blue sky pottery

3 french hens card by teroldego & tomatoes

calling birds ornament by rnacreations

golden urban set of 5 rings by aurumjewelry

fly away wall decal by urbanwalls

a winter's morning print by theaterclouds

milking stool by grayworksdesign

any glee fans reading my blog? you might want this.

leaping lords op up card by Popupcardmaking

bagpiper glass pendant by pollyfusia

cufflinks drum set by dabbledesigns

I like the last one, what about you? What's that you say? The winner of my giveaway? Hmmm...

Ok I will tell you!


It's BETHANY!!! Congratulations to you!!!

I will wrap it up and mail it off to you today!

Thank you to all who participated. I think my next giveaway will be a freesparrow gift card.


  1. Me???? Me!!! It's meeeeeee! I never win anything! Thank you, Tara! I love it!!

    P.S. I just found out it's "four colly birds" and my mind exploded. What the heck is a "colly", you ask? Why, let me share the results of my extremely in-depth research which followed my discovery that I've been singing the song wrong all my life: "The fourth day's gift is often stated as four 'calling' birds but originally was four 'colly' birds, using another word for a blackbird." - Wikipedia

  2. you're welcome. i just want you to know my sister was 'mad' she didn't win and said 'i hate bethany and her little baby too!' (wizard of oz) she's just jealous that she had 2 entries and still lost and that i'm in love with violet;)

    I read somewhere that the 'calling birds' stand for the four gospels...

    funny how things have so much lore behind them.