Friday, January 28, 2011

friday favourite: fashion mash-up

hello everyone! 

it's friday again? I don't know where this week went, and I have accomplished about 4% of my to-do list, but oh well. Some weeks are like that, right? (I am eating a ginormous salad right now, and have walked about 5 miles, so I think my 'be healthier' goal is covered.)

Today, since it is still close to 80 outside, and since I'm wearing my cut off shorts and favorite black tank top while the eastern half of the country is buried in snow (my sister was shoveling parking spaces today for her neighbors- how sweet!), I thought I'd do a little fashion mash-up for Spring!

Here are some recent finds that I love from etsy:

union jack dress by celebfashion

sun kiss by fashionloft

epershand studs by isette

vintage safari dress by theparaders

saddle belt by ayaletshachar

french market bag by bayousalvage

Cute stuff, huh? 

Ok, I am off to get some acupuncture!!!! SO EXCITED! I've had a knot in my left shoulder for uh, about eight months and my fall down a flight of stairs didn't help. For those of you who have not tried it, I highly recommend it- the acupuncture, not the stairs. And don't say 'ew needles!' It's more like the feeling when your foot falls asleep and then wakes up- but for about 2 seconds. And the results are amazing! Seriously. Well, even if I don't convince you, I'm off to be relaxed and pampered! Then it's pizza making time in the smith household. 

I love fridays, don't you?

~tara noelle