Friday, January 21, 2011

friday favourite: yellowfield7

feeling like springtime yet? 
it definitely is here- more like summer since we hit 85 earlier this week. Oh, palm springs. 
spring used to be my least favourite season until, 
just like all the songs say, I fell in love. 
tomorrow will mark five years (five years!) since that day 
that spencer said 'tara noelle, I adore you.' 
that spring I literally did hear birds singing all the time, and flowers were blooming everywhere
sap sap sap. 
now I love spring. 
maybe one day I will even live somewhere where buying rainboots isn't absurd. 

today's featured etsy shop is 
aka 'hats by bahida dolic'
as you may know, i have a love for eastern europe and its people,
so i was happy to find that
behida was born in northern bosnia, 
emigrating to america after the war.
but it was in florence that she discovered 
her love of early 20th century american fashion
(who doesn't love it?
she studied millinery and now lives 
in northern california. 

what do you think? 
i'm ready to read the great gatsby (again)
and find some vintage vogue patterns. 

happy friday everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness! Those are amazing! I don't think I dress with a coordinating style so I couldn't wear these but they are still amazing. I love the dark green one!!!!

  2. I know! I think Molly could pull it off- she has the bygone era look to her wardrobe.