Monday, January 17, 2011

I have a dream

Today I decided that I'd say a little something about MLK Day. 
Because it sorta ties in to what I said last week about an answer to prayer. 
Here's a little hint:

Growing up, I always liked and understood the concepts behind celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. in school. But as an adult, I find it absolutely astounding that he said what he said that day in front of the Lincoln Memorial. For the Civil Rights, but also for the biblical references.
 I just don't think that kind of 'vision' would fly these days.... 
I also never realized that his speech was 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. 
That seems so far, and so close at the same time. 
The Lincoln Memorial is my favourite place in D.C. If you go, I dare you not to cry looking up at that strong and gentle face who was so misunderstood in his time, and is so revered now. 
Makes me brave to face trials and peoples' misjudgments (small though they be) in light of what I know I ought to do. 
Thanks MLK and Abe!
If anyone's interested, you can watch the whole speech here.  I did this morning, for the first time. 
So good. Now I'm going to go watch Rattle and Hum, my favourite u2 concert dvd. 
Between the speech and Bono belting In The Name Of Love, how can you not be inspired?

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