Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favourite: For Strange Women

When I was growing up, the dominant home decor trend was southwestern- indians, cacti, and everything was peach and teal. Of course, this sent me running the opposite direction- namely, to anything dark, Victorian and otherwise looking like it belonged in the Haunted House at Disneyland. Over the years, I balanced out (and had a lot of influence from Spencer), but I still love me a velvet fainting couch. So does Spencer, oddly enough. When I found ForStrangeWomen on etsy, her style instantly stood out. This woman knows who she is, who her clients are, and what she's about. I highly recommend looking at her shop, if you are an etsy seller, to get an idea of 'branding.' And if you are not an etsy seller, I highly recommend perusing her shop for the fun of it. Because it's Valentine's Day on Monday, and that means you can buy something impulsively online and just tell your hubby he got you something extra.

Jill is the master craftswoman behind For Strange Women, and all her products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Here is an excerpt from her bio on etsy: As an artist my first language was dance, then music, and now perfumery, and although they seem as if they would be very different, these diciplines are truly interconnected. Balance, harmony, acute sensory perception, and creative alchemy will always draw me into their magic. 

You can read more about Jill on her website, her blog, her facebook page, or her interview with etsy (which is how I found her)

This is one of those instances where I wish technology could produce smell. Although I am not a fan of most scented things, I think I would fall for these naturally derived delicacies. 

So, what are your Valentine's Day plans? For the first time in our relationship, I will not be working, getting up at 4am to work the next day, or on the other side of the country.... in other words: I can spend it with Spencer! And we are celebrating in style. Oh yeah, baby, pass the denture cream and hearing aids, we will be watching Jeopardy Man v. Machine along with most of the Greatest Generation. Romantic, eh? I just hope Watson doesn't have a voice like Hal, from 2001, or that could be a deal breaker...

Have a great weekend!

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