Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think I've Got It

I think I have perfected the pizza crust..... (this was made from trader joe's wheat pizza crust, which I slathered with olive oil and garlic salt. Still need to perfect my homemade dough)


  1. you're going to Memphis!! I'm so excited!! Keep me posted on what you think and how the interview goes! If you move there you have to go through Downline.

  2. she's gorgeous! "she" being the pizza of course! i haven't like TJ's wheat dough (i know, i know, blasphemy.) but maybe i just need a little oil and g-salt to do the trick! i'm tryin' it! oh yeah, and did you know that i love you? ;)

  3. Aw, comments from two of my favourite bloggers! I would say people, but I haven't technically met you, Stephanie. And Yes! We are going to Memphis for an interview! I am so beyond excited! We are going to try going to your chuch, too!