Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my favourite place in the world

Just thought I'd start the week out by giving you some photos from my favourite place in the world - The Huntington Library in San Marino (Pasadena), CA. I was first introduced to its lovely gardens and amazing artwork by my best friend from high school, Jared. He took me there when we were both in our freshman year of college, me at Hope and he at Pomona. It was magical and amazing, and has been my favourite place to take other people to ever since. Last week, my dear friends Jon and Michelle's oldest daughter, Carleigh turned 16, so I thought it'd be a fun trip for Michelle, Carleigh, Janet (Michelle's sister) and me. They are my extended family in the true sense of the word, we just don't happen to be related. So, I got us some tickets for free day next month and now we're going! 

I took Spencer here when we first started dating, five years ago, just as they were about to close the house and do some major renovations, and haven't been back since! Five years! I am determined to make up for it now, and take Spencer again this spring. One of several planned trips to LA for the near future. 

Enjoy your week, and enjoy these pictures:

Ahhh... I feel relaxed already. Now off to tackle my giant to-do list for the week! 


  1. ok, fess up. did you take these pics or is this stock? if you took them, i am in freaking awe and i will apologize for assuming less than amazingness from you.

  2. Stock woman! Most of my pictures are still actual pictures and I would need to scan them all. I don't have that kind of time. Though, I was tempted for this post because it'd be a little 'tara timeline'

  3. Ok now that just makes me want to find mine- because I do think I have some really good ones.