Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Aliiive

Something is living in my head.
It won't die.
It has successfully survived: DayQuil, Nyquil, Affrin, Nasonex, Ibuprofen, Steam showers, Lots of EmergenC, and also, antibiotics.
It makes my fillings hurt. They aren't even part of my body.
We are on day 5 and if it doesn't end soon, I'm going to give us both Kool aid and end my misery.
This is supposedly a 'head cold' and not a sinus infection, according to the urgent care doc.
I don't know what Typhoid, Diphtheria or Shingles feel like, but I'd be willing to give them a try after this.

Today I actually pulled myself together and went to work, just to prove that I wasn't at home watching the Oscars last night, but was, in fact, trying to die. I went through an entire package of little tissues, running into the kitchen to sneeze, so the globs of yellow snot would not disgust our high-end patrons. Although the pressure inside my head has somewhat subsided, my Friend's new trick today is making my eyes water all the time. I am about to watch The Pianist to see if I can't out-cry myself.

I've eaten nothing but water, tea, cereal and mac n cheese for the last four days, but it really doesn't matter because I can't taste anything anyway. Despite that, my patient husband, who by now should be a registered nurse for the things he's witnessed with me, is on the road getting pizza because I said I couldn't eat more mac n cheese and wanted something tasty. At least he will taste it.

I would like to officially suggest that the phrase 'just a cold' be stricken from the English language.


  1. Oh man, I totally relate. I had that cold (most likely) over New Years and it's a nasty one. Kept me off work for nearly 3 weeks. Ugh. And yes, my fillings HURT!

  2. Thank you for affirming I am not crazy Pami! Three weeks! I am lucky I just missed 3 days!!! Today I am MUCH better!