Friday, March 4, 2011

friday favourite: babies!

Hello, everyone!

I am so happy to be healed from whatever that nasty cold was last weekend! I can almost taste my food.

In other exciting news, it's raining babies! My best friend from college, Kristiana, just announced she is pregnant! There are several close friends in the family way, and I'm thrilled to do a babies-themed friday favourite! Here are some recent finds of great baby items...

you can make these adorable booties from monpetitviolon

pinafore dress by allthenumbers

nervous robot tee by dogboneart

meow hat by knittles

hemp organic booties by bobkababy

sleepy red fox plush by sleepyking

New to this World print by FreyaArt

(I've featured freyaArt before but just wanted to show her work again)

London Calling dress by thetrendytot

If Spencer and I have a baby girl, she WILL own that london calling dress. So frickin' cute. 

Happy weekend relaxing to you. I am excited to get back into some sewing projects with my mom today, after a long break. Please consider something in my shop if you have birthday shopping to do in the near future- 50% of ALL sales in March will go to help my friend Crystal with her breast cancer medical bills. Thank you!


  1. Tara, all of these things are so cute. Hank and I might need to put you in charge of clothing Baby.

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! baby stylist? I like that.

  3. I think I may need to buy one of the bootie patterns since the ones I made only really work for girls. Gotta make some boy ones just in case people have boys!
    Those hemp baby shoes are so cute...the cutest ones on that etsy site!
    Also, I'm thinking for those people who find out the sex and have a name figured out, I'm gonna make name signs like the freesparrow one I made you.
    Blankets are such a common present. Oh I'm also going to attempt to crochet a stuffed animal!

  4. First of all, I love it when you "weeeeeeee!" You are the only person I know who really does say it just like you write it!

    Secondly of ever, I love you and love our phone dates.

    Thirdist of all-ish, that "New to the World" piece makes me really want another baby. Maybe I'll just order them for my big babies and pretend I had them all along...