Thursday, March 17, 2011

friday favouite: memecraftwork

happy luck o' the irish day to ye!

Though I am many things, for some reason I identify with my Irish roots the most. Maybe it's my fiery personality and pale skin, or maybe my love for u2, but whatever the cause, I love a day where wearing green and drinking beer are the festivities!

My friday favourite today is also from another country, but not Ireland. Memecraftwork is based out of Hong Kong. I found one of their items the other day and LOVED it! I think that is the sound of the door opening to another hobby for me: asian sewing patterns.

memecraftwork features many, many items, but what I love are the sewing patterns for women's fashion. Take a look at this:

The texture! Or how about this?

How would people not reach out and touch your shirt? I know I have said before that I love texture more than any other aspect of fashion, sometimes I dress according to what texture I feel like. Don't these just inspire you to create gorgeous, unique pieces of clothing? I love it!

A few more:

Are you inspired? Going to do something fun and creative this weekend? 

I am going to be getting ready for our trip to Memphis, including starting one of two books spencer surprised me with yesterday. He has great faith in me. Or, in God, would be more accurate. Anyway, they will be good books even if I don't get this job. I am excited to be excited out loud now and to see what the future brings! (The immediate future brings sleep- something I have been unable to drink enough of lately) 

Goodnight! And happy weekend time!

tara noelle

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