Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sorta Nifty, Eh?

I am the least talented person I know. I am not saying that to be self deprecating, because I am also proud and can be a tad judgmental at times (like when people can't use proper grammar). In the nerd schoolbook smart realm, I feel comfy. Cozy even. Like all I've wanted to do since graduating is find a way to go to grad school. But when it comes to creative endeavors, I know dozens of mind-bogglingly talented people. Take my brother in law, Stuart, for example. He is hands down the most amazing photographer I've seen. I know it's all hip and trendy to do that retro 70s people-in-the-sun thing right now, but that doesn't mean your work will be around twenty years from now. Go check out his stuff. It is incredible. 

Or my friend Sarah. Amazing artist. 

Or Molly. I have known Molly since we were twelve. We have co-written journals that date back to freshman year of high school, and while the contents and style would be devastatingly embarrassing if revealed, I treasure these not only as mementos of our youth, but because one day (mark me) she will be famous. And I have the journals. Molly is a writer who is currently slaving away getting other writers published by starting her own publishing company. But one day, she will get her chance and then, my friends, be prepared to be blown away. Think CS Lewis (which also happens to be molly's last name), but contemporary, and with a love of indy music and all things Anthropologie. 

Which brings me back to my original thought: about a month ago, Molly needed a picture of wine glasses for a cover photo for Zova's latest book. She knows I like wine and am apt to have a bottle lying around, and since I was still recovering from my broken arm, I had some free time. So last minute, I threw together a scene and took a ton of pictures hoping one was decent. 

Today she just posted the book for sale on Amazon, with my photo on the cover! (She is very gracious, but I think it is poorly lit, and the composition could use some work. But since I was free, it will suffice). I just got all excited to see something I did on Amazon's website! Crazy! 

Which brings me to my second point, I of all people should not be selling photos for cover art. I should be holed up somewhere teaching grammar to suffering high school students. Which is why I ask you to go click on those links up there and support the truly talented. 


  1. how exciting!!!! congrats on the pic!

  2. that is exciting about the pic!! and if you have a heart for teaching you are #1 talented in my book! teaching = hard! I know, I tried one semester:)