Sunday, August 28, 2011

summertime waning

at least i hope it is.

before the fall brings shorter days and darker evenings, i will celebrate summer. i found this on a favourite blog and wanted to share

sprouted kitchen


today has been the loveliest, most relaxing day in a long while. 

woke up at ten.

went to la baguette, the nearby french patisserie, to get danishes

made coffee, veggie & goat cheese frittata to accompany said danishes

ate a nice, slow breakfast with spencer

soundtrack to the day so far: garden state, phantogram, spencer's homemade led zepplin mix...

about three hours of internet browsing, including the amazing ipad app Catalog, blog catch-up, searching for fall wardrobe wishlist items. anyone know where to find some silk knot earrings? 

now to nap, journal, read my bible, ichat with fam, go on a long walk at shelby farms with spencer and end the day with dinner and parks & recreation


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