Sunday, August 21, 2011


it's that time of year for me...

i have the same excitement bubbling up in my soul for the onset of autumn that most people talk about around the holidays....

cooler weather
boots! boots! boots!
pumpkin patches
cold rain
darkening days
long walks outside with spencer (who enjoys summer like a cat enjoys water)
figs, apples, persimmons
beaujolais nouveau
our anniversary
and new this year: baby waldon!

did i mention boots? (these are on their way to me as we speak)

as i sit and enjoy my sunday afternoon blog-reading time, i think of how much i love decorating. i miss it. don't get me wrong, i love so many things about our cute little apartment- wood floors, tiny floor tile in the bathroom, cute wall trim and a 50's era swinging door to close off the kitchen- but i long for the time when we can move out to a little place of our own. maybe a little house in midtown or cooper-young, maybe a downtown loft (exposed brick!)... i want to paint. i miss our dark aqua wall in our condo, and i could do great things with rusty orange. i miss my acrylic ikea dining chairs and our dark espresso ikea dining room table that can hold 16 (really uncomfortably) people. sigh....

here are some photos that have me inspired and dreaming right now

photo LA times, Domino

See some inspiring ideas? I need a way to catalogue my finds.... 

also, I am in the mood for some new blog finds. What are your top five?


  1. I catalog all my finds on Pinterest. If you need an invite, let me know. It's visually addictive. Just a warning...

  2. I found a design blog I enjoy and the lady also does a blog called content to rent - maybe it will have some ideas for you to do in all your spare time.

  3. Are you really confused about how to catalog your finds or is this a coy way of asking me to invite you to Pinterest. Say the word sister!

  4. I just knew Molly would recommend Pinterest! As for blogs, I think you already like the design ones I read. You should look at Ashley Ann Campbell though-- she used to be a photographer, but now has a few kids. She's super crafty and is always making her house cute. I think she is a contributor at Design Sponge too.