Sunday, May 18, 2014

letters to my students

dear juana,

i think you are one of those students i will never forget, even if i teach for thirty years. i have seen you overcome so much this year. you were sassy and feisty when you got to me, and then i was worried that after the homeroom switch, you'd get so frustrated and overwhelmed that you'd give up and just stop trying.

but then something magical happened- you matured. you took all that anger at the injustice of what happened and you determined to get out of that situation next year. you worked all the harder (and you were already working hard) and you ignored the people trying to hold you back, and you got fierce. focused. and you succeeded.

your test scores are averaging my high class. you overcame. and it has been the most amazing thing to watch. i'm sure you'd go back and change it, but i think you ended up growing more this year than you ever would have if the homerooms stayed.

and so for that i am thankful. there is a saying that you don't truly know someone until a trial hits them- you don't see their true character. my dear, you are a diamond. i'd take a hundred of you every year if i could over kids who were already ahead of you. because now nothing can stop you. the world will one day see what i see now, and i'm so thankful i got a sneak peek.

i am so happy to let you go conquer the world, but boy will i miss you next year.

mrs. smith

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for loving them.