Tuesday, May 20, 2014

letters to my students

dear cristobal,

i actually just shook my head as soon as i wrote your name. i want to kick you for wasting so much of your potential this year. but i have a feeling i will get payback next year when you come crawling back asking for help with stuff that you have to do at christian brothers. that is, if they still let you in ;)

seriously though, thank you for the times you did work hard in my class. you are extremely intelligent, and i'm sorry i couldn't spend more time differentiating so that you could be more challenged. however, you could have improved in grammar and writing, and on informational text like newsela. but that will come later.

i hope you really do have a successful time in high school and get to go to a really great college. i think if you work hard and challenge yourself, you'll be more interested than always being so aloof. i hope you find a career that is exciting and challenging.

it has been an honor to teach you this year- you always challenged me. come back and visit once in a while, too.

love, mrs. smith

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