Sunday, October 5, 2014

fall break

i have the next week off of school. part of what i love most about being a teacher is the rhythmic pattern of life that is a school calendar. especially here in the south where fall break is a thing (not to mention fall itself).

i have so many plans and it is tempting to make a calendar for myself, but then again i am a spontaneous person. it's been a recent goal to not change our dinner plans based on my mood, because that was really frustrating to spencer to try and cook only to have me come home late and say, 'naw- i'd rather have ______.'

but i do love lists and crossing things off, so here we go in no hierarchical order:

sit and be online however much i want
read some books
bake zucchini muffins
track down a place that sells farro and make more
try new recipes that are vegetable-centric
have fires in our firepit on the deck
switch our bedroom and the extra bedroom because the other one is bigger
take tubs of stuff to good will
sell some of my clothes i never wear and use the money to buy new clothes
go walking/running because it is GORGEOUS outside
put new songs on my iphone
work a couple hours each day so it doesn't pile up (yes, teachers always work)
call friends who are far away
keep tucci away from spencer so he can finish his album (spencer, not tucci)
mow the lawn and move some bushes/plant new ones so our yard is not a shame to the block
read my bible and not just that but spend time dwelling in God's presence each day
hang pictures and curtains on our plaster walls
deep clean some areas in our house that have been neglected
ichat with family
meet with someone about putting money into a 401k (something i have never done but really need to start)
replant herbs in the planters on the deck and squirrel-proof the dirt with mesh or rocks
figure out a plan for cooking and keeping the house clean that breaks things into small daily tasks so all my breaks don't have to be catch up time
hopefully get a new bathroom sink and install it
buy new sheets
buy a new journal

that seems like a lot, but i have 7 days and part of today.

i am also really excited because spencer and i are going to forgo using our credit card this month to see how much money we can save and really stick to our budget. i am excited to see how it changes our spending habits and mindset about money. thanks, jerk in brooklyn who stole our credit card info and got our card cancelled yet again- you inspired us to make a life change! Oh, and God knows who you are.

happy sunday afternoon! we're off to two open houses that our friend Thomas is doing. No, we're not in the market, we just always love getting ideas;)

>>>>>>> tara noelle

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  1. I love this list! I will admit I tried to see how I could help or be a part of some of that list.
    We can talk, or ichat and I can talk to you about IRAs, which isn't exactly what you mentioned. :)