Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free press!

I was surprised by a message today in my Etsy box, from Adel (  who has posted one of my table runners in her blog! It was such an encouragement to see that a complete stranger 1) found my store and 2) liked my stuff enough to feature it in her blog. 

Here is the link so everyone can see: 

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  1. isn't that always so nice?! i found you on lisa kowalski's facebook page, which is a pretty safe place to meet another person, i think :)
    i see you are embarking on some etsy adventures! i have been running around blogland this evening, and thought i would invite you (you may already know about it) along to the modish monthly goal meet-up group. come over to my place to find out more. it's a great place/way to connect with some other creative ladies and get your goals down on paper--er, screen.