Friday, June 12, 2009


*This blog is titled in honour of my college roommate Melissa who was very fond of twinklelights

These are pictures from last weekend at our friends' Janet and Greg's house. We were blessed to spend one last wonderful weekend with Michael & Jenny before they flew back to their home in Maryland, cat in tow (If I can get my hands on the pictures of Shiitake in the cat carrier at the Palm Springs airport, they will be posted...).

Michael is now officially inducted in the Elsner/Butler family by playing one grueling game of croquet in the near-complete darkness and surviving all of our haranguing of his less-than-stellar skills. He ended up outlasting nearly everyone, though, being killed at the last by his new bride (for those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about, we play a version of croquet called Poison where each player who finishes can become 'poison' to other players, so it becomes a lengthy and enthralling fight to the death). 

As a late birthday gift to Janet, I embroidered some of my Freesparrow tea towels with a "Virginia is for lovers"design since she and Greg recently bought a home in Front Royal. They are just waiting for the opportunity to move out there permanently, part of what Spencer and I refer to as the 'mass exodus to Virginia.' We are already dreaming of a family Christmas at their country home. 

What if it snowed? 

Here is to new adventures with family and friends!

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