Monday, January 4, 2010

a year in (book) review

I have been meaning to do this for a while now- write down all the books I read this year, because I actually did read quite a few. Probably more than any other year so far, save that insane fall semester in college where I thought it'd be fun to take five lit classes, one being russian lit.

Israel, my Beloved
My Life in France
The Alchemist
Revolutionary Road (again)
The Bible (chronologically- very interesting)
The Lovely Bones
Gods and Kings
The Red Tent
The Life of George Muller
The Reader
The Trumpet of the Swan

Need to be finished, or restarted and finished:
The Tenth Muse
Moby Dick (spencer & I just picked it up again tonight)
Eats, Shoots & Leaves
Voices from Chernobyl
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Money, Possessions & Eternity
Brothers Karamozov (ahhhh!)
Mockingbird (Harper Lee bio)
Fires in the Dark

Books that have been waiting and waiting for me to read them:
The Poisonwood Bible
Evita bio
All the King's Men
Brave New World
Pride & Prejudice
White Teeth
Death Be Not Proud
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
The Stranger (Kita, have you been wondering where that is?)
Little Women
Desiring God

Phew! If I get through all these by 2011, I think I can die happy.


  1. I love that we've read so many of the same books!! What did you think of the reader? I only listened to the abridged version of it, but I loved it. We need to pick our one book. I was thinking...Virginia Woolf short stories? Or something by William Trevor because I love him!!

  2. I have read most of the same ones you have read! How did that happen? Now for an incredibly lame question - Which was your favorite?

  3. As far as a favourite, not including the Bible, I think I would have to pick The Reader. I LOVE and adore My Life in France, and will read it many many more times. The Reader just hit me so hard and made me think about tough moral choices... I normally don't like Holocaust era books, either. It made me want to teach high school English so I could show fifteen year olds that literature can change your life. The Lovely Bones and Midwives take 2nd and 3rd place for fiction.