Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Favourite: studiokmo

Well, it's a good thing I decided to start this Friday favourite thing, since it seems to be my one weekly blog post. That will change shortly. Change is in the air. Jobs, careers, side projects/hobbies. A shift in the balance of how time is spent in our lives. Spencer is so very very close to finishing his album, and I promise, as soon as he does, I will let you know. I will be shouting it from the rooftops. Until then, we plod along.

Today's shop is a relatively recent find for me. Studiokmo is the etsy shop of artist Karen M. O'Leary. She painstakingly turns maps of cities into art by cutting away all but the streets and avenues. To get a picture of what I am poorly describing:

That is Dublin, Ireland, above. Here is Philadelphia:

You can also get notecard sets: aren't they cool?

I particulary like the design of this one: Sydney, Australia.

And can anyone guess what city this is?

That's right- it's Prague! My beloved Praha...

Next week, I promise to do at least TWO blog posts!!! Such an overachiever, I know. Have a great weekend! And, no, we are not going to L.A. again. Just staying home, hopefully not leaving the house at all, to watch movies, read Moby Dick, and cook. The good life....


  1. These are very cool. I love your Friday posts because I know I can count on something wonderful to look at to start my weekend.