Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favourite: City of Angels

Today, instead of an etsy shop, I decided to write about one of my favourite places- Los Angeles. Spencer and I are among the few, the proud, the insane- those who actually like L.A.- in all of it's overpopulated, smoggy glory. We actually get to go 2 weeks in a row! Last weekend, we went to McCabe's with good friends Drew & Leah to see the once-lead-singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips. The historic guitar shop/venue in Santa Monica was the perfect place for an intimate acoustic concert. One more amazing venue in L.A. I can check off my mental list.We also went to American Rag Cie & World Denim Bar, a place I would gladly live if homeless in La Brea.

Tomorrow, we are going to be at the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia for the L.A. Garden Show. I am so excited! (I have never been to this Arboretum, though the one in Fullerton was a frequent haunt in college, and The Huntington, just down the road from the L.A. Arby, is my favorite place in the world. Ok, at least the U.S.). Spencer is being willingly dragged along to a tomato seminar, to feed my current delusion that I can provide vegetables for free at home in the few scattered pots on our patio. We will also be going to Ikea to get a desk for his music room. Pictures soon, I promise. I actually can't wait to post some current photos of our house since we've been doing a lot of decorating. I just got another idea yesterday for some seashells collected last summer from Siesta Beach, Florida.

If I weren't going to the Garden Show, I would love to be here:
at the L.A. Modernism Show, in Santa Monica, or Here:
at a Terrarium Workshop at Rolling Greens Nursery.

OR at the Getty, listening to short stories read by the likes of Leonard Nimoy and Ed Asner!

This post is verbose, but I wanted to prove the point that there are about eighty billion things to do in the greater Los Angeles area, if you are willing to risk the smog.


  1. Dawson and I also love L.A., and were having this conversation 2 days ago! I haven't actually spent time there in like 3 years, but I really miss it. I'm jealous of all your time there!

  2. Hi Rose! Come down to visit and we will go!