Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Fresh Idea!

Or a crazy one...

Last night, while making dinner, I started snapping away with my trusty digital camera. This is normal; Spencer and I typically start every meal by giving thanks and then taking four or five pictures from different angles. We try not to do this when we have dinner guests, but it's pretty addicting.

I love my butcher's block cutting board, a wedding gift from Carl Applegate who taught me woodworking for a year. I really wanted to make one of these, but then Carl and Ellen had to move away, so they got me a beautiful cutting board as a gift. All those summer veggies looked gorgeous against the dark wood, and upon looking over my photos this morning, I realized that I really liked this one in particular:

So I set it as my desktop background. Voila! Then I thought, "hey! I wonder if anyone on etsy is selling food desktop backgrounds?" I searched. Nothing! NOTHING! Not that I think that means I have found my niche, but just the fact that you can type anything into etsy's search and come up with ZERO is pretty incredible. I mean, there must be like 80 billion items for sale on that site (there are several very good food photograph prints for sale)!

So.... I listed mine.

Just for fun. Not that I expect anyone to even find it, let alone buy it.

Still, it isn't stopping me from mentally playing with new shop names for my budding food stylist career...


  1. i want to come to dinner at your house as you document everything with pictures. it makes me happy.

  2. Awww.... COME then! Tonight I made my first dish with eggplant. No pictures, but it was amazing! I think I'm in love with aubergines!

  3. you should put a water mark on that.