Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Favourite: LOOKs Vintage Fashion

Today's pick is something new: VINTAGE! Did you know that one of the 3 branches of etsy is vintage (the others being supplies and, of course, handmade)?

Here is one of my favourite vintage sellers: LOOKs! Formerly known as thevintagecloset, Rebecca has had several successful shops on etsy. She has two blogs- one about her vintage shop, the other about her family. She is only 25 and has FOUR boys! That sounds like crazy fun to me (I'm working on talking Spencer into ONE baby for now...)

In my jr high/high school years, I was very involved in theater, before that, I was putting on plays in my backyard. We used to write scripts from Clue puzzles, then go shopping at thrift stores for costumes. It was so much fun and I still wish I had some of those items. It is going to be hard to choose only a few items to showcase on here, but here goes:

Makes me want to go put on an "aunt jemima" scarf to do the house cleaning! Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. do you still have the aunt jemima scarf? lol